Post #14

The Paris Peace Accords ending the conflict were signed January 27, 1973, and were followed by the withdrawal of the remaining American troops. With United States troops out of Vietnam, South Vietnam was left alone to defend themselves against the Viet Cong. And things only got worse; in December of 1974, Congress passed the Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, cutting off all military aid to South Vietnam, and very soon after, the People’s Army of North Vietnam (PAVN) began a series of offensives against South Vietnam. But in April 1975, North Vietnamese forces invaded South Vietnam’s capital city, Saigon which resulted in the surrender by President Duong Van Minh on April 29th. The fall of Saigon marks the end of the Vietnam War. This event began the reunification of South and North Vietnam under communist rule. The Vietnam War was the longest war in U.S. history and is considered to be the only war the United States has ever lost. The country also paid a high political cost for the war. It weakened public faith in government, and in the capabilities of its leaders. Many individuals of the “baby boomer” generation because of the Vietnam War are less trusting of the government and those in positions of power. During Vietnam War, the United States suffered 58,119 killed, and casualty figures for the Republic of Vietnam are estimated at 230,000 killed. Combined, the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong suffered approximately 1,100,000 killed in action, and it is estimated that between 2 to 4 million Vietnamese civilians were killed during the conflict.

All in all, most view the Vietnam War as immoral and disreputable, and as a conflict that should not have gone on as long as it did.


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